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Emily's lessons are back on!

Lessons are back in action for Emily, with our new addition Sophie healthy and happy to listen to Mummy teaching we have opened up the Acuity scheduling app to include lessons.

You can book a flat or jump lesson -

45min $77/lesson

Lessons are to be paid for at the time using paypal which you are directed to when you select a desired time.

This new system allows everyone to see the available times easily and helps Emily manage times that work in with family.

Days and times:

Tues - 9am- 9.45am -10.30am- 11.15am -12.45pm -1.30pm- 8pm

Wed - 9am- 10.45am- 11.30am- 12.45pm- 1.30pm- 8pm

Thurs -9am- 9.45am- 10.30am- 11.15am- 12.45pm- 1.30pm-2.15pm- 8pm

Fri -9am- 9.45am- 10.30am- 8pm

Sat - 9am- 9.45am- 10.30am- 12.45pm- 1.30pm- 2.15pm

Sun no lessons

Mon no lessons

These times may vary, but this is a start and the scheduling app will continue to be updated to reflect what is available.

A deposit of $20 is non refundable if you cancel the lesson. A full refund is given if Emily cancels the lesson.

Any new lesson clients outside of Jeir park agistors, please contact Emily Ph:0431190995

prior to booking to ensure we have your details and can send you waivers to sign prior to lesson

Emily's Competition Highlights -

3rd Senior state title 2018

2nd National Senior title speed round 2018

2nd National Senior Grand Prix 2017

NSW Senior state champion 2017

Sydney royal 1st Mini Prix 2017

Sydney royal horse of the show 2016

Sydney royal overall Cat 3 2016

Sydney royal Young horse of the show 2016

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