Agistment information

Paddock options to suit your horse

Paddock options to suit your horse

Relaxed horse environment

Relaxed horse environment

Jeir park has different paddock options to meet the style that will suit you and your horse best. We offer full care for all horses, this is to help you as a rider have more time to spend with your horse. All horses are checked twice daily at feed times, and appropriate rug changes are made. 


Horses are feed twice daily with feed provided by Jeir Park.

Hard feeds are made up by Jeir Park and owner provided supplements are included. 

Feed Options avaliable:

Lucerne chaff

Wheaten chaff

Ambos Supercool

Ambos Superblood

Pasture hay

Rye hay

Lucerne hay

Any combination of the above is included in the agistment price. Additional supplements or specialised feed can also be given but it is to be provided at the owners cost. There is no discount in price for providing your own feed. 


Agistment prices include tack room space at stables, float parking, hot water wash bay, and basic rug changes.

Private paddock $30.00/day

Paddocks include rubber lined shelters, electrified post and rail fencing, automatic waters and improved pasture. This price includes full use of facilities and float parking.

 Private Paddock Spelling $28/day    

Spelling rates includes all the same care as a private paddock, but use of the faclitites is not included in the price. Spelling race horses are fed a higher protein pellet and lucerne hay where required.

  Group Paddock $24.00/day    

Full use of facilities and full care included in price.

We try to pair horses with each other to suit weight and temperaments, horses behaviours are monitiored when first entering group paddocks and we are happy to shift horses around until we find the right paddock for you horse.


  Group Paddock Spelling  $22.00/day   

Spelling rates include full care but use of facilties is not included. Group spelling paddocks are fed additional hay when required to ensure the horses condition improves while spelling.

Group Paddock (hay only) $18.00/day no rug changes $19/day with rug changes  

Group paddocks at a cheaper rate are available, these paddocks are wire electric fencing. Feeding is hay 2/day in these paddocks no hard feeds are available for this price . You are  still able to use full facilities for this price but no rug changes are included. Horses in these paddocks are still checked twice daily. Price is $1/ day more for basic rug changes.

Retirees Paddock $18.00/day

Retirees are welcome to spend there days out at Jeir Park, additional to the main paddocks we have very large hay paddocks which have several older horses enjoying lush pasture thanks to Jeir creek running through their paddock. These horses require no feeding when seasons are going well, however they are supplemented with hay when there has been a dry season. Regardless of feeding schedule these horses are checked daily by Jeir Park staff.

Full board $40/day

Full board includes stabling every night, all feed and hay requirements, stable cleaning, taking your horse to and from it's own private paddock, all rug changes and boot changes.

Stable $34.00/night.

Overnight stablling is available if you are planing on going to a show or travelling. This price does not include stable cleaning or general care.