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Showjumping clinic

Emily will be holding a 2 day clinic at Jeir Park, on the 23rd -24th Sept 2017

Second clinic proposed on 14th -15th Oct 2017 Day 1 Group lessons will consist of flat work and related lines Day 2 Group lessons will concentrate on course walking, warm up and riding courses. Course will be designed by International course builder Brad Longhurst Group lessons with maximum of 4-5 riders to a group $100 for 2 Lessons Clinic times and height 1st day below (groups will run in opposite order the following day with 1.10-1.20 starting at 8am) Groups have changed slightly to accomodate demand for lower heights 8-9.30 am cross rail-45cm 10-11.30am 60-70cm 12-1.30pm 70-85cm 2-3.30pm 90-1m 4-5.30pm 1.05-1.20m Please note heights and times may still change depending on amount of interest. For those of you have booked into clinic, you will recieve a confirmation email with times and invoice in the next few weeks. The Jump paddock will be closed for all other riding on these dates, Sept 23rd-24th Oct 14th-15th sorry for any incovienience. 

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